What should I wear? Make sure you wear something comfortable and non-restrictive. Trainers or suitable footwear must be worn.

What do I need to bring? We recommend bringing water and a towel.

Do you have to be fit to do the classes? No, not at all! High and lower options are offered in most classes.

I'm a bit nervous, should still come? Definitely! We are a friendly bunch and soon someone will be chatting to you to put your mind at ease.

I'm not sure if I will like it, can I just come and watch? Unfortunately, not. We don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable so don't think it is fair on our participants to allow spectators.

Are your classes just for women? Not at all. We have men attending our classes too.

Is there an age limit? There is no upper age limit. At clubbercise children aged 13+ can come as long as accompanied by an adult. At Rockbox children aged 6+ can come as long as accompanied by an adult.

​If I am a member am I tied in? No not at all! As much as we don't want you to leave, we understand that situations may change. All we ask is that you give us one month's notice and then your membership will be cancelled.

Are your face to face classes covid secure? Yes, all government guidelines have been followed regarding social distancing and numbers. Hand sanitiser is available, masks must be worn prior to starting the class (you can take it off when we get moving), and, track and trace is in place.